About Us

Husband and wife team, Amir and Issy Zinaburg, couldn’t resist interfering in each others projects so decided to team up together and start their own design studio:

 Amir  Issy
Answers to Amir Zinaburg Issy Zinaburg
Specialism: Furniture and landscape design Interior and landscape design
Hero Ron Arad Patricia Urquiola
No-so Secret Obsession Metal Colour 
Bio: Obsessed with materials and production methods, Amir’s the one you’ll find pulling things apart to figure out how they were made. He has a BA (hons) in Industrial Design from the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. He also recently finished his second renovation project with Issy and they’re on the look out for their next. Issy started out annoying her family by regularly rearranging the furniture as a child and decided to make a career out of it, studying Interior Architecture in Italy.  She recently finished the third renovation project of her own (second with Amir) and they are on the look out for their next.

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